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Catherine Nelson
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Ballyearl designer, Catherine Dinah, screen prints her work combining old and new printing techniques to create a range of textiles featuring images inspired by equestrianism.

With a passion for screen printing, good technical knowledge and understanding, Catherine’s designs are process led, taking an experimental approach, and generating designs by the empirical act of doing. Combining the traditional technique of Linocut enables the organic shapes and marks created during this process to be translated through her printed textiles.

“As a textile designer from Northern Ireland, my work is influenced by personal memories, when I reflect on these events it enables me to fully translate the moment in time into a fabric output. Equestrianism has had a profound influence on my creative life, both at home and in the United States of America. I wanted to capture something of the magnificence of horses and their movement in my textile designs. The aim of my work is to abstract the literal. Memories can be very literal of an exact person, place or thing but over time they begin to change, alter and deteriorate. Abstracting the literal image imitates this and allows for it to represent new memories.”

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